Thursday, April 22, 2010


Grades are going to be turned in tomorrow.
A Excellent: 2 blog posts and comments per week, 9/10 reading logs, silent reading every day. does daily duties w/o being asked by Ms. Scherr (book processing, cleaning, dusting, helping students) 100% on task
B Good 2 blog posts per week, few comments , 8/10 reading logs, silent reading most days, does daily duties well. 80% on task
C Average 1 blog post per week and one comment, 7/10 reading logs, silent reading sometimes, does daily duties when asked, sometimes works without being asked 70% on task
D Poor No blog posts, 5/10 reading logs or less, rarely reads books, reads magazines instead, needs to be asked to do library duties.
F Fail No blog posts, 5/10 or less reading logs, rarely reads anything, does not do duties, inappropriate behavior in library.

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